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    Meet with Menahel and Faculty

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    • Aleichem Chalom & Happy Tu B’Shevat,

      We are looking into options for the furthering of the Chinuch for רבא עלי הכהן בת גבריאלה אריאלה בת שבע סמארה סלומה & הרב אריה יעקב ירמיהו יהושע הכהן בן גבריאלה אריאלה בת שבע סמארה סלומה. They are both extremely intelligent and have completed our entire collection of Seforim in our home. They need another Yeshiva to continue their Cinuch. Could you please direct us in the appropriate direction? We have switched Yeshivas a few times before Chas v’shalom. Some just were not the best fit, sometimes Chas v’shalom we encountered Haman and whilst we conquered him and squashed amalak it was time to move on. Chas v’shalom the kinderlarch were not doing well from the perspective of their Morah’s and the Rabbi at their last Yeshiva and I do not understand why. Their food was Badatz and Mehandrin but my son looked like Ezekiels dry bones. My daughter insisted the Hebrew Morah believed siblings created a situation of Yuchid and Chas v’shalom could not play together after age 9. I still cannot find this Halakah in the Edut Mizrach or Ashkenazi Shulchan Aruch’s. She was also told the fire sprinkler in the bathroom was a video camera and I thought Yuchid rooms were only supervised when we had Chassanahs. Chas v’shalom should the lu have such supervision when it’s for one gender. Then the kinderlarch felt they were preforming Bracha l’vatalyas because they created a bissle of a mess and demolished the house which resulted in their Ima Sheli having to clean the house and show evidence to the Hebrew Morah. This resulted in Mussar and them Davening before Yeshiva and then the Yeshiva had them Daven again and they insisted it was a Bracha l’vatalya. See they’re very intelligent and need the correct Rav. Have you met him yet? They are catching up on secular studies right now but I believe their ready for a few days away and then can come home for Chabbat. Let me know your thought. The little Rava is 13 and the little Rav whom believes we live in E’Y is 11.5. We don’t believe in Rivits. As I said, when you find the perfect Rav let me know. They hold by Ima Sheli.

      הרב גבריאל אריאל ברק סמואל שלום הכהן

      ראה גבריאלה אריאלה בת שבע סמארה סלומה הכהן

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