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  • Ohr HaTorah Tehillim-A-Thon

    Ohr HaTorah Tehillim-A-Thon

    The month of NISSAN has been established as an appropriate time for Ohr HaTorah’s Tehillim-a-thon to help benefit needy families in the area with packages before Shabbos and Yom Tov. This year, we are designating Sunday, April 10th, for the entire Sefer Tehillim to be recited by the Ohr HaTorah students, who are asking others to join them in this worthy cause by acting as sponsors for each chapter that they complete.

    The costs involved with the preparation of Pesach exceed the budget of the poor. By sponsoring chapters of Tehillim, we will have the opportunity to double the meritorious deeds of Klal Yisroel. Not only will we be reciting the beautiful words of “The Sweet Singer of Israel,” King David, as a prayer to Hashem (Please share names of cholim who need our prayers). In addition, we will be supporting these words with giving charity.

    All proceeds will be going to Healing Hearts. An organization that helps the sick and their loved ones all over south Florida.

    Each talmid will say thirty chapters of Tehillim. The minimum amount per sponsor is 10 cents per chapter. All donations must be in by April 7th for it to be distributed properly.