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  • Rabbi J. Grajower

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    Rabbi Grajower


    Ohr HaTorah is a representation of what I have done for the last 15 years. With a high-level of Torah learning combined with an excellent secular education, I am very excited to bring a College-Prep Yeshiva of this caliber to the South-Florida community.


    Rabbi Grajower joins us from NCSY where he served as the National Director of Education. While at NCSY, Rabbi Grajower ran and coordinated many national programs that impacted hundreds of teens, while also guiding the educational vision of the organization. He has also spent many years working on NCSY’s summer Kollel program in Israel. Additionally, Rabbi Grajower worked for a decade at Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida as a teacher, Gemara Department Chair, and Israel Guidance Counselor. He also helped found the KYHS Matmidim program, specifically geared to students who desire a more meaningful learning environment. Rabbi Grajower has a keen ability to connect with students and assist them to reach great spiritual and academic success. Rabbi Grajower’s outlook and approach is consistent with our Yeshivah’s mission, namely, to empower our students by helping them recognize their own gifts, appreciate their inherent worth as Torah Jews, and as ambassadors of the Jewish people.

    It was my pleasure early in my career to work as Menahel at the Jewish Educational Center in Elizabeth NJ for many years. I was very fortunate to have been given a free hand to imagine, and, with a wonderful team, develop a top-quality college preparatory Yeshiva high school of over 225 boys, based upon the Hirschian philosophical outlook of “Torah Im Derech Eretz… with Excellence”.

    To follow up on this achievement I was brought down to the Jersey Shore to replicate this model in what became Ma’or Yeshiva, for which I was fortunate to serve as the Menahel/Principal very successfully for 12 years.

    I am personally humbled and exceedingly proud of the numerous talmidim/students who have gone on from both of these exceedingly fine schools to be leaders in the Rabbinate as well as the professional and business world who are all dedicated Torah Jews. That is the outcome of a Yeshiva that prepares the talmidim with a high-level Torah and secular education coupled with warmth and personal care.