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  • Rabbi Yitzchok Abitbol

    Rabbi Yitzchok Abitbol


    Rabbi Yitzchak N. Abitbol has been teaching Torah for over ten years as a community Rabbi in Israel. Even as a student in Yeshiva, he was the person assigned for the new students to turn to for help. He was also part of a program to teach Torah to teens in the evenings.

    Rabbi Abitbol received his Smicha in 2013 from the Shebar Sefardic Center in the old city of Jerusalem, and went on to learn Mila, Shechita, Safrut, Gittin, and Giyur. Rabbi Abitbol is very enthusiastic to be joining the Ohr HaTorah family and be part of educating the next generation. Rabbi Abitbol is a warm and energetic Rabbi who is in his own words, “looking to spread love and belief in Hashem and bring as many people as possible closer to Him and to His Torah.” He derives great satisfaction from teaching Torah and is very passionate about the opportunity of bringing the Talmidim of Ohr HaTorah to greater spiritual heights.